What is luxury vinyl flooring?

Even if you have already set your mind on the luxury vinyl plank or tile for your flooring of choice, you might still have a few questions about this material that will serve you so well for years to come. Today, we will look at what luxury vinyl flooring is, so read along for more information.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank and what they can do

Luxury vinyl flooring, including luxury vinyl tile and plank, is a vinyl-based floor covering layers that work to give you the long-lasting products you need. Here is a breakdown of the content of these floors for your consideration.

  • A base or background layer comesfirst unless you choose a product with attached underlayment. Thebase layer offers stability and a foundation on which to build otherlayers.

  • The core layer brings even morestability, and if you choose waterproof options, it can be made ofwood or stone plastic composite or 100% vinyl.

  • A decorative layer comes next,which provides the appearance for your floors, whether wood, stone,or tile, and can come complete with textures that add even moreauthenticity.

  • A wear layer is added to the topto protect your floors from all kinds of daily wear.

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