What you want to know about cork floors

Many homeowners believe cork flooring is fairly new to the flooring world. However, the truth is that this material was first used in the late 1800s in America. In fact, the old Toronto Stock Exchange and the First Congressional Church in Chicago, Illinois were some of the first buildings in which this material was used as flooring. As a 100% p/natural flooring material, this floor covering has a wide variety of benefits that could find the perfect placement in your own home.

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Cork floor benefits you can’t miss

For the eco-friendly consumer, it’s good to know that cork offers no negative environmental impact on the trees from which it is harvested. In just an average of 10 years’ time, the bark has regrown on the Cork Oak tree and can be harvested all over again, to create a whole new generation of floor coverings.

If noise reduction is a goal of yours, you'll be happy to know that cork is one of the best sound insulators ever produced among flooring products. It absorbs sound, reduces noise associated with walking, and creates a much more peaceful atmosphere in your home, especially between floors. Some homeowners even choose to accent their walls with this material, for an even greater level of noise reduction.

Cork is an amazing floor covering that offers a comfort that’s hard to beat. With properties of elasticity, compression, softness, and support, you’ll find they are incredibly easy to stand on, even for long periods of time. Impacts and dents are only temporary, as this material can bounce back with ease.

Finally, these floors are extremely safe, especially in the kitchen, as they are naturally resistant to fire and burning. At the same time, they release no toxic gases, so your air stays cleaner as well.

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