What you should know about hardwood

Hardwood has always been considered an upgrade, no matter what flooring you happen to have in your home. With its amazing life span, great durability, and wonderful benefits, it’s hard to pass up. It adds a particular elegance and sophistication to any room it is added to, and matches nearly any decor, from simple to complex. You're sure to love it, and we think it is worth a bit of your time to learn more about this amazing floor covering. Davis Hardwood & Carpet offers excellent, high-quality products, with many to choose from, in addition to excellent service. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers, and it shows in how we offer our assistance. From the moment you show up at our Davis, or Woodland, CA showrooms, you’ll be treated with respect and honesty in a no-pressure sales environment. We serve the areas of Davis, Woodland, Sacramento, Dixon, and Winters, and we'd love the opportunity to assist with your flooring needs as well.

Hardwood basics and benefits

With hardwood flooring, you'll get the elegant atmosphere you may have been dreaming about, along with some amazing options in appearance. From species selection, stain color options, and choosing the perfect finish, you will have created a unique floor covering that’s just right for all your needs and requirements. With this material, there are far more opportunities for personalization than you might think.

Be sure to choose a species that’s rated for the amount of traffic in the room it’s being installed. For instance, if you're flooring your living room, and there are normally very high levels of activity in that area, you'll want something that’s very hard, like oak or cherry.

Stain colors are always chosen to match the particular decor in any given room. The good news is, it’s easy to do, as the available colors easily match almost any interior design scheme. When it comes to choosing a color, it’s important to know that you’ll have more options when you select unfinished wood. This type has to be finished in your own home, after installation. It can take some extra time, but if you want a particular color, it may be worth it to you.

For a special touch, add the finish you love the most. Some choose the class high-gloss finish while others prefer a finish that hides many of the signs of wear and tear, such as hand scraped or vintage.

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